Here are some of the projects I've been working on.


Why I'm hopeful about climate change

On November 4th, I gave a talk about climate change and why I'm hopeful that my generation can be the next greatest generation by confronting the causes and effects of human-driven global warming and climate change. Sharing this presentation to hundreds at TEDxBeaconStreet marked another step forward in getting the message out there that youth care about our environment and we will be the ones to change the world.


My presentation on climate change and animals

I've shared my presentation with hundreds of young people in community organizations.  My goal is to help make the connection between climate change and the situation for animals, and to encourage people to take action. Email me at to learn more or to schedule a presentation.  Click here to see the presentation.  



gas leaks and divestment

Working with the Youth on Board and the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC), I've been involved in trying to stop gas leaks, which are really bad for the environment and for the people and animals that live near gas leaks.  Also, we've been trying to get the city to divest from fossil fuel companies as a way of sending a message that we need to stop putting carbon into the atmosphere.  Here's a link to Youth on Board's website to learn more about both campaigns:  Find gas leaks near you at


The Franklin Park Zoo

For a few years I have been working as a volunteer at the Franklin Park Zoo.  I have served as an interpreter, giving people more information about the animals and answering questions.  Now I am learning about taking care of the animals in the tropical rain forest.  I also serve on the Youth Council at the zoo.



I've been working with other students and with teachers to change the science curriculum in Boston so that students learn about climate change.  I'm especially working on trying to get information about animal conservation included.  We've had some really good meetings and we're making progress.

Paris United Nations Climate Conference COP21

I went to Paris in November 2015 to be part of the international climate conference.  I attended a youth summit with young people from all over the world, and volunteered at the NGO conference.  It was an amazing experience and very inspiring to see people coming together to work for change.